There’s more to businesses than a logo. Building a visually coherent and identifiable brand is essential for engaging the right audience and communicating your intended message. Below are some of the brand identities Leanne has developed…

Softly Shea

Simply Noir contacted me to offer my services to two competition winners who needed help developing their brands visually. One of the chosen brands was Softly Shea, a small company producing handmade body butter pots. This particular brand required high-quality versions of their existing logo and icon. I also developed a set of brand guidelines, designed a flyer, business card and social media assets to help their brand look visually cohesive across numerous platforms.

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Gender Justice & Society Network

The Gender Justice & Society Network is an intersectional feminist collective of staff and students at Queens University Belfast. They already had a logo but felt it was outdated and didn’t represent them effectively. I was commissioned to breathe a new life into their brand and develop visuals that were cohesive, flexible and strong.

Website slider - Gender Network
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Young Mary’s

Young Mary’s is an independent candle and home fragrance company. Founder Lola approached me to create her brand book which she can send to customers and wholesalers. It includes information about the brand, emotive and relevant high quality photography and is branded in line with her website and other marketing material. Below are a few pages from this document.

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A-FROye Hair

A-FROye Hair is a start up company providing hair dressing services to people with afro textured hair as well as training sessions for up-and-coming stylists. Abigail, the creator of A-FROye Hair, commissioned me to develop all visuals and assets for this new brand…

Afroye slides
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Afroye slides4
Afroye slides5
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Foulkon is a company that provides businesses with cyber security solutions. I designed their new the logo, icons, brand guidelines and carried this across white papers, business cards and social media posts…

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Foulkon slides
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Basis offers help to Public Service organisations. I developed their existing logo and created brand guidelines for a more substantial and coherent brand. I then went on to develop email signature designs, PowerPoint presentation templates, icons, brochures and website page designs…

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Basis slides
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Do you need a brand guideline document?

I can help keep your brand visually consistent with a set of brand guidelines that will ensure you have a coherent brand across all platforms. This document can then be sent to anyone creating your brand content.

You brand guideline document can include:

  • Logo guidance: How your logo should/shouldn’t be used
  • Color swatches: A breakdown of the colour codes so they match on all of your marketing material; print and digital
  • Marketing material templates: Business card, flyer, PowerPoint slide and/or brochure design templates
  • Devices: Shapes and design elements that can be used to embellish page layouts to tie in with your brand identity

If you are interested in this service, please get in touch.